Shed News (Last updated September 19th 2020)

Shed Reopening

WMIS should soon be able to move in to a large shed on the Jubilee park which is currently only used for storing a contractors mowers. The main aspects of this were agreed at a Town Council Meeting on Thursday September 17th 2020.  The main issues are the adaption od the building including adding insulation.

The UK Shed asscociation is continueing to publish material on their web site, their Facebook Page and their YouTube Channel about Sheds in general and re-opening during the pandemic in particular see links below.  They have also published an interesting set of videos of the recent "Virtual Shed Fest".

Web Site:


You Tube: UK Mens Sheds You Tube Channel

The UK Shed Association has published guidelines see and here is a Zip File With All Their Docs (As of July 13th) 
Whitchurch Shed will need to comply with these guidelines as it seems certain that the threat of Covid-19 will be with us for a long time.

Town Council Consultation

Whitchurch Town Council (WTC) held a consultation on FEBRUARY 19th (1830hrs) at the Civic on the future of CNE where we used to have our workshop. This is the Layout that the shed proposed.  . About half a dozen Shed members attended.
These images from the scribble boards on which notes were made during the discussion on Feb 19th give you a flavour for what was discussed.   Help and Support     Ideas . It was evident that great effort is being expended by WTC to make progress but that it will take them some time before they have enough confidence to proceed. (An email has been sent to all members if you did not get an email please contact secretary@whitchurchmeninsheds or treasurer@whitchurchmeninsheds  [07743 283 272])

Shed Closure

CNE has been closed by order of Shropshire Council due to the damage cause by recent leaks through the roof.  This caused the closure of the Youth Club and the "Shed".
On December 19th WTC agreed to set up a working group to look urgently at getting CNE reopened for the use of the Youth services, Men in Sheds and others. The group will ask interested groups to get involved in due course.
Whitchurch Herald: see Whitchurch Herald community-groups-will-whatever-takes-fix-centre-north-east   and also whitchurch-town-mayor-makes-plea-fix-centre-ne-roof-community-groups  a
Whitchurch Herald 10-000-donation-on-table-centre-north-east
Whitchurch Council all-meeting-papers

You Tube Video
This video starts in the now vacated Whitchurch Men in Sheds workshop and does a quick tour of the building ending in the worst area affected by mould.
(Face Book Post on Friends of Whitchurch)
The crucial damage at CNE was NOT caused by leaks through the flat part of the flat roof as you might think.  The problem was that the drain off the flat roof had become blocked so that heavy rain caused the roof to fill up to over 6 inches deep.  When that happened water spilled through defects around skylights etc.  The blocked drain was unblocked, too late, by WTC civic centre maintenance team working with shedders but by that time too much damage had been done.  SC had sent contractors to try and unblock the drain some week or more before without success possibly due to their lack of knowledge of the building.
The part of the building used for the workshop is not damaged, but the central area is badly affected.
The shed is grateful to SC for allowing us to use the room in CNE and to the Whitchurch Town Council, Tesco Supermarket and many others for their support.
We have been at CNE for over two years.
For the more than a year WTC has been working to arrange to take over the building from SC, but the stumbling block has been the cost of repairs.
It is unfortunate that it was only recently realised why the water was not draining off the flat roof and we are grateful to WTC for fixing the blocked drain.
CNE will we hope return soon to a useful role in the community and it is expected the authorities will progress this very soon.
The shed will arrange periodic social get togethers, so shedders are urged to keep in touch.
Could all members please make sure that the secretary has your up to date contact information.
Many thanks to all the members who helped with the huge task of moving out by the deadline of August 20th.


Any queries please contact us.