2017 Projects

Blackberry Fair with WWT

Whitchurch Shed was at Blackberry Fair in 2017 and 2018 to promote membership in the Shed.  In 2017 we erected the Shed we have built for Whitchurch Town Council to be used as Santa's Grotto at the Christmas lights on November 25th.  It took 2 hours to put up and an hour to take down. Tea and biscuits were served to visitors and several prospective members found us.  

In 2018 WMIS joined the Whitchurch Waterway Trust stand.  WMIS recently restored the WWT stop plank shelter to be installed by CRT volunteers at the Whitchurch Canal Arm on October 25th, 2018.  WMIS is just starting a project to make a park bench to go at the arm in memory of Peter Wagstaff.


The Shed is of course mainly for members to just come and be sociable, enjoy the company and tinker with their own projects; however, we also undertake projects for other groups that will benefit the community.


october 2018 composite

Whitchurch Shed was asked by Whitchurch Town Council to build a "Santa's Grotto" for the Christmas Lights switch on event on November 25th.  We tried this out at Blackberry Fair (see above).

For Blackberry Fair 2017 made a dozen tree stands for decorative trees cut down in the mosses where they are not wanted.

Whitchurch Shed was asked by Whitchurch Waterway Trust to repair and upgrade their stop plank shelter.  This structure shelters stop planks that would be used to isolate the Whitchurch Arm in the event of a leakage and was installed on October 25th by CRT volunteers.

WMIS is just starting a project to make a park bench to go at the Canal Arm in memory of Peter Wagstaffe.

109Two plywood cut out figures of a soldier have been made for commemorations of the end of world war 1.01b

It is hoped to arrange Centre North East to be taken over under a Community Asset Transfer and become the White Lion Meadow Community Centre.  Whitchurch Shed is one of the organizations involved.  Work is in hand looking at improving the efficiency of the heating system and developing a business plan.  An alternative would be for the centre to be taken over by Whitchurch Town Council which is the option preferred by WMIS.

We have been asked to do small project for a sheltered housing group and are seeking other similar projects.

A suggested project is a computer-controlled router probably using a Raspberry Pi.  (For example see Instructables: Building a CNC router. but there are several other similar projects on the web site to consider.)

With SYA some Birdboxes were made last spring and we hope to do similar projects in the future.106101

We are considering purchasing a 3D printer.

We are investigating making improvements to the electrical power distribution using a grant from Tesco.

Further workshop machinery will be purchased using the Tesco grant.


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