Annual Reports and AGMs


The AGM has been postponed to February 1st 2023.

I have compiled some reports which give a view of where the money has gone, one for past 12 monthes and one for past two years.

Also an estimated Balance sheet for March 2023. ( I subtracted £200 for one more electricity bill and £1000 for the warm room materials)

We are now only a small amount better off than we were two years ago before we received the grant that allowed us to move in and build the workshop.

Profit and Loss for The two Years from 2021 to 2023.pdf

Best Estimate for March 2022 to March 2023.pdf  (Figures in Brackets are negative!)

Estimated Balance Sheet For March 2023.pdf

                             Our Usual Income is expected to be

                                           Membership subs from ~25 members      £1000

                                           Donation and Grant Income about            £1000

                                                         Making  a  Total:                      £2000

                             This would allow our expenditure to be:

                                           Insurance                                                £520

                                           Electricity                                                £400 (Using Heat pumpps and with warm room built)

                                           Rent                                                       £500

                                           Maintenance  and Tools etc                      £580

                                                          Totals:                                   £2000

The warm room shoould get built in next weeks and this and the main workshop  will be heated by Electric Heat Pumps so reducing our electricity costs.

To keep to £400 electricity bill will probably mean reducing the thermostat setting on the main workshop untill such time as there is better insulation/false ceiling in there.

By Spring we will be left with about £5000 so we can anticipate spending more on the workshop but as time goes on we will need to be more careful and to continue seeking grant income.  I am hoping WTC will grant us £500 every year and we will continue to get smaller amount from others.   From now on any major project or new machine will need us to seek additional grant income.

It is unknown when the room on the first floor will be built or how much of the cost we will need to contribute to.  We should try to keep some funds in reserve for that. (At the moment we are allowed to use a large area on the first floor as additional workshop and storage; however in the future it is planned to build partition walls on the first floor and we would be allowed to use one of the rooms.  To make that happen sooner we could build just the partitions for the room we would use.)

We already have all the benches and cupboards etc we will need for the first floor room  and its not planned to need to buy anything new for the first floor room.  Much reduction of clutter will be needed to reduce whats on the first floor now too fit in the new room plus storage space downstairs.  We have to use the room clear after every session so it can be used by others at evenings and weekends.

If anyone has any queries or wants more details please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


(A link to Minutes will be published here after the meeting.)

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Annual Reports

These may also be downloadsed from  WMIS is Registerd CIO #1179267 or by using the links below.

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