(What is a Shed?)

(Whitchurch Men in Sheds (Shropshire) is Registered Charity Number 1179267.)

Donations to assist the Shed get re-established will be gratefully received see Contact & Donations:.

Shed News (Last updated July 22nd 2021)

Shed Reopening

The Shed is holding an open air meeting Next Wednesday (July  28th 2021)  at 12.00 noon in the Black Bear Beer Garden to discuss the preliminary agreement we have to open the Shed at the Watergate Centre.  The Charity is gioverned by its members so the members need to agree to accept whatis being offered.  An email has been sent to everyone we have email addresses for.   If you are a prospective member then please come along.  ( If you are interested in joining us please contact us. so we can keep you updated on progress.)

 Please note that the first stage will involve quite a lot of work to get the workshop set up again so if you are willing to help please let us know.

Support the Shed for Free When Shopping

See https://whitchurchmeninsheds.uk/contact for info on the Amazon and Paypal schemes where you can make small donations to WMIS when you shop.  The newer Amazon Smile scheme costs you nothing and Amazon donates 0.5% to your nominated charity; which can be WMIS if you wish (Please)..

UK Sheds Assoociation

The UK Shed association has a lot of content on their YouTube Channel from the recent Shedfest on line event and earlier which is worth watching.

UK Sheds on YOU Tube   ,,,   ...       UK Shed Ass.

About Sheds

Whitchurch Men in Sheds had a workshop at Centre North East, Bridgewater St,   by the Tesco Car Park,  between the Swimming Pool and the Fire Station.   GOOGLE MAP LINK
The normal opening times were Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 4pm.

New members are very welcome and if you would like to learn more please see Contact information

guysinshedThe “Men’s Sheds” movement began in Australia.  It has flourished through the value of coming together around practical tasks on a regular basis, particularly with a designated place or workshop where tools and work in progress can be stored. This appeals to men of all ages although most ‘shedders’ are retired.

Sheds started in UK in 2009 and there are now over 500 spread all over the country.    There is a national orginization which has a map of shads at: menssheds.org.uk/find-a-shed/

Activities in the Whitchurch Shed included woodwork, electronics, computers, art and crafts etc. The main objectives are to meet up in a fun, relaxed and sociable place. Although we have been doing community projects members can also pursue their own projects or just come to be sociable.

We built a 12-square meter portable shed for Whitchurch Town Council  for Santa’s grotto at the Christmas lights switch on November 25th.  This was erected at BlackBerry Fair and used to promote the Whitchurch Shed and the Woodland Trust.

We have benefited from donations of a large collection of tools from the late Mr N Nickleson’s workshop.  We have had several cash donations from local charities.  The workshop is now set up and well equipped.  Although some members bring their own tools there are plenty of tools and equipment provided.

Magazine Links etc.

Below are links to UK Shed Association Newsletters. ( This last Updated July 4th 2021).

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The full archive of olinks to newsletters is at menssheds.org.uk/newsletter-archive  (This changed to links to Emails from April 2020) 

The Hackspace magazine with articles about all sorts of projects is downloaded FREE at hackspace.raspberrypi.org/issues. (Its not confined to "Hacking" as the title might suggest)

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A Members Raspberry Pi Projects : R Pi Blog. and Git Hub 4 Python Code